Grayrock helps you protect your peace

Grayrock provides co-parents with the tools to ensure healthy and productive communication through A.I. filters.

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A better way to communicate:


Grayrock users get their own dedicated number to prevent unwanted texts from the aggressor.


Toxic and aggressive conversations get auto-filtered.

Synced Messages

We keep track of the order of messages to prevent miscommunication.

A.I. Driven

Our service users A.I. systems to recommend responses based on the other users messages.

Better communication leads to more active co-parenting

Grayrock acts as a mediator to ensure a more peaceful and productive dialogue.

Over time, users learn how to effectively communicate with hostile parties through positive feedback by our A.I.

Never let a text message ruin your peace

Our mission is to provide a “Safe Space” for combative co-parents to talk

Grayrock AI acts as a mediator between co-parents to ensure that communications stay cool, calm, and collected.

Grayrock protects your peace by filtering the conversation both ways

  • Grayrock provides suggestions for neutral wording of outgoing messages and automatically neutralizes incoming messages.
  • Users always have the ability to view the initial message, ignore, or summarize it.

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